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Bottling and Drinking

photo7We work hard to delicately transfer our young wine into bottle as the process can be stressful on the juice, potentially stripping away valuable texture and flavor profiles. We rack as little as possible and try to avoid the use of pumps so as not to subject the wine to unnecessary agitation.

In some vintages a pad filter is used as a gentle precaution against larger particles that could develop unwanted qualities as the wine ages — the filtering is carefully monitored and the wines constantly tasted to ensure no stripping of structure or flavor occurs.We use 100% natural cork, steamed cleaned with hot water, not bleach. A small amount of free Sulfur is added before bottling to help preserve the wine as it ages. We strive to use the highest quality grapes, the best coopers and employ minimal intervention and delicate bottling practices to ensure that Wilson & Wilson will age with grace. Wilson & Wilson Cabernet can be enjoyed now and will develop in the bottle over the next 8 to 12 years.