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The Winery and the Barrels


Brand New French Oak Barrel for 2012

At Wilson & Wilson everything begins in the vineyards and the actions we take in the winery during the winemaking process are dictated by what happens on the vine. We crush and produce Wilson & Wilson in a state-of-the-art facility in the hills of St. Helena, CA. Our grapes are pressed using the tried and true basket press because it is gentle on the fruit and does not press the pips (grape seeds) to the point of releasing their bitterness and greenness.  After pressing, the wine is slow fermented in temperature controlled tanks.  Once fermentation completes, the wine is racked into oak barrels where a secondary fermentation takes place.  For Wilson & Wilson, we strive to find balance in our oak aging and hence we use three different coopers Dargaud & Jaegle (DJ), TB Tonnellerie and St. Martin, which allows us to extract just the right flavor diversity without overpowering the fruit character.